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For the love of the sport marilyn spatola liquid sun rayz
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Today I speak with Marilyn Spatola, founder and CEO of Liquid Sun Rayz, the official tanning company of the Nashville Fit Show. Marilyn talks about her start in the salon industry and spray tanning and how it lead her to bodybuilding. As she becoming more experienced spray tanning bodybuildings, she set out to create her own product that fixed all of the complaints competitors had with their current options. We hear Marilyn’s top advice for getting your best tan every time. She dispels myths that some people have about tanning that can hurt your tan.

A high quality tan is integral to good stage presence. It can actually make or break your placing. That is why Liquid Sun Rayz focuses on the athlete experience to provide the best show day experience possible.

Marilyn has done so much to change the industry. You don’t want to miss this interview!

We talk about:

-how she treated her own product

-how Liquid Sun Rayz is different

-the importance of skin prep for a good tan

-tips for proper exfoliation

-training for spray tanners

-DIY tans, should you or shouldn’t you?

-the ins and outs of scheduling


1:00 introduction

3:02 creating her own product

7:12 skin prep advice

11:00 communication for proper training

14:20 providing a good experience

15:30 DIY tanning and backstage experience

20:27 scheduling tans

24:17 advice for new competitors 






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