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EVERYONE HAS A STORY OF SOMETHING THEY’VE OVERCOME IN THEIR LIFE  …whether they know it or not. Some are more obvious than others… some are buried down so deep that so many layers of protection have subconsciously been placed on top of the traumas – big or small – that we forget they are there.

From my personal experience, competing played a vital role in my ability to overcome tragedy. The resilience that I developed during some of the darkest times in my life turned out to be a key characteristic that I needed to push me to the next level in every aspect of my life in the long run, not just in competing.

When I was run down and crushed under an SUV almost 11 years ago, the doctors told me I may not walk again…but most certainly would not compete on stage again. After my back surgery to fuse my spine together with metal rods and screws, everyone doubted that I would ever be the same.

The doubt around me didn’t matter because I built a wall of protection around myself… deep in my heart I knew God saved my life for a purpose and he’d use that traumatic event to inspire hope in others… I just had no idea what that looked like at the time.

When He gave me the vision to create something different in the bodybuilding industry, all-female competition, the doubters came again inserting negativity into what they believed would be possible. My goal was to simply take my experiences from competing all over the world in over 30 shows and create an experience for athletes here in Nashville, TN like no other. To make these female athletes feel like the strong & powerful ROCKSTARS that they are! My vision for this show was to inspire confidence and strength among women. To EMPOWER & cultivate an environment of support & community focused on thriving… to say that it has far exceeded my expectations would be an understatement.

With that vision & mission still in mind, the Fit Show Story Project will be the avenue to bring even more light to the power of sharing stories of overcoming… to inspire the hope, resilience & strength in others to overcome too.

We want to showcase and honor the amazing & strong women who are the FIT SHOW BRAND.

The 2022 Overcomer Award will presented on stage by me, Whitney Wiser Savage, in collaboration with our Body Positive Sponsor, Dani D Fitness! Prizes will include a FREE Empowerment Transformation Photoshoot with Fitography Files, Custom Designed Crystal Award & Crown, a Custom Nashville Fit Show gym bag filled with goodies, FREE Entry into the IFBB North American Championships, FREE Entry into the 2023 NPC/IFBB Nashville Fit Show and many more to be announced!

See details on the entry process & Submit your story via this LINK


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