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for the love of the sport allen sizemore

For the Love of the Sport featuring Allen Sizemore

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Today I speak with Allen Sizemore, NPC State Chairman of Tennessee, NPC and IFBB Pro judge, promoter, and head expediter. Allen talks to us about his experience and responsibilities as a State Chairman, as well as how he progressed in the sport. He loved bodybuilding so much, he volunteered at every show he wasn’t competing at. 

Whitney and Allen share what is involved with promoting a show and why they love promoting shows. We hear how anyone can get involved and why it’s important to volunteer for all competitors. 

Allen gives us a behind the scenes look at the NPC and shows. You don’t want to miss this interview!

We talk about:

-learning through volunteering

-what’s involved in promoting a show

-creating a great experience for the athletes

-why it’s important to register early

-showing your best on stage

-how and why to volunteer


1:00 Allen’s role as State Chairman

3:18 Allen’s role as a promoter

7:38 educating the athletes

10:57 how athletes can help

13:00 individual posing routines

15:30 reading the rules

16:40 how to get involved

18:30 best piece of advice






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Interview with Allen Sizemore, NPC TN State Chairman & IFBB/NPC Judge & Promoter

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Join me today as I interview Allen Sizemore, NPC Tennessee State Chairman & IFBB/NPC Judge & Promoter. The insight he offers as state chairman is invaluable! If you’re a competitor or are hoping to compete, you won’t want to miss this conversation!

Topics we Cover:
-Allen’s Vision for the NPC in TN
-Carrying Yourself as a Pro
-Q&A from Competitors
-Benefit of Doing a “warm up” show for Nationals
-The Importance of Stage Presentation
-Allen’s Top Piece of Advice for Competitors
-What is an NPC card?

And So Much More!