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For the Love of the Sport featuring Mo Newman

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Today I speak with MarieAnne Newman, Vice chairperson on NPC Carolinas, IFBB Figure Pro, and IFBB/NPC judge. Mo talks about the trends she is currently seeing in the spot, both positive and negative, and what she’d like to see in the future. She talks about the importance of not tying your identity to your places but still staying competitive. 

Being involved with the sport since 1993, Mo has so much wisdom and insight to share. You don’t want to miss this interview! Check out my previous two interviews with Mo to hear all about her story!  

We talk about:

-the importance of “MindPrep”

-current trends and what should change

-appreciating the journey 

-what is normal in prep

-celebrating the wins



1:00 introduction

2:30 the importance of the journey

9:20 dealing with anxiety

15:30 growth of the sport

19:03 advice for competitors 






Interview with Marie Ann “Mo” Newman, IFBB Figure Pro, IFBB/NPC Judge, NPC Carolinas Vice Chairperson

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In my interview with Marie Ann “Mo” Newman, IFBB Figure Pro, IFBB/NPC Judge, NPC Carolinas Vice Chairperson, we cover topics so many competitors are asking about! There is so much value in this conversation!

Topics we cover in this episode:
-Your Overall Stage Look
-Keep it Simple, Don’t Overcomplicate it
-What You Have to Have
-Makeup: No Muddy Faces
-Competition Suits Talk! How It Should Fit & How You Should Wear it
-Stage Presentation Posing: What Actually Matters
-Mo’s Top Piece of Advice for Competitors

For the Love of the Sport: Bonus Episode with Mo Newman

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Join me in this bonus episode where Mo and I talk about the “Post-Show Blues” and how to regroup and find balance when your show is over and you don’t have another one on the calendar. We talk about avoiding the term “off season” and why “improvement season” can be better for maintaining balance. Mo is a master with the power of words. You don’t want to miss her insight!

Topics we cover:

-Training Your Brain to Build Your Body
-Tips to Conditioning Your Mind
-How to Cope with Post-Show Blues
-Improvement Season & Making it the most of it

Tune in to Mo’s NEW YouTube Series “Mo Newman’s Mind Prep” on her channel Mo’s World!