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For the Love of the Sport featuring Bernadette Galvan

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Today I speak with IFBB Figure Pro Bernadette Galvan. She is the Vice Chair for NPC Texas and a promoter Galvanized Texas. After she graduated from nursing school, she started working in a fitness center which lead to her introduction to bodybuilding. She earned her Pro card in 2005 and competed at the Olympia in 2007 and 2008. Bernadette talks about how she has changed her mindset through competing and how that has carried over to the rest of her life.

Bernadette gives her advice as a judge for competitors when making their individual routines. She shares common mistakes she sees and what competitors need to focus on. You don’t want to miss this interview!

We talk about:

-volunteering at bodybuilding shows

-early days of Figure

-importance of presentation

-advice for amateurs in the individual routines

-hiding your flaws and showing your strong points

-taking advantage of opportunities

-bring a gym owner and having a clothing line 

-believing  in yourself


1:00 introduction

1:38 getting started in bodybuilding

7:15 early days of Figure

8:40 importance of presentation

12:48 individual routines from a judge’s perspective

19:08 life as a business owner

23:15 feeling ready to compete








Interview with Becca Sizemore IFBB Fitness Pro and Olympian, NPC Judge and Statistician

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Join me today as I interview with Becca Sizemore, IFBB Fitness Pro and Olympian. She is also an NPC judge and statistician. Through her roll with the NPC, Becca offers a unique perspective on competitions and competitors. What an interview!

Topics we Cover:
-How She Got Her Start in Fitness
-Who Can Compete in the Fitness Division
-Her Role in the Industry Now
-How the Judging Works
-How the Scores are Calculated
-How to Progress in the Sport from first-time NPC Amateur to IFBB Pro Athlete

Interview with Marie Ann “Mo” Newman, IFBB Figure Pro, IFBB/NPC Judge, NPC Carolinas Vice Chairperson

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In my interview with Marie Ann “Mo” Newman, IFBB Figure Pro, IFBB/NPC Judge, NPC Carolinas Vice Chairperson, we cover topics so many competitors are asking about! There is so much value in this conversation!

Topics we cover in this episode:
-Your Overall Stage Look
-Keep it Simple, Don’t Overcomplicate it
-What You Have to Have
-Makeup: No Muddy Faces
-Competition Suits Talk! How It Should Fit & How You Should Wear it
-Stage Presentation Posing: What Actually Matters
-Mo’s Top Piece of Advice for Competitors

Interview with Allen Sizemore, NPC TN State Chairman & IFBB/NPC Judge & Promoter

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Join me today as I interview Allen Sizemore, NPC Tennessee State Chairman & IFBB/NPC Judge & Promoter. The insight he offers as state chairman is invaluable! If you’re a competitor or are hoping to compete, you won’t want to miss this conversation!

Topics we Cover:
-Allen’s Vision for the NPC in TN
-Carrying Yourself as a Pro
-Q&A from Competitors
-Benefit of Doing a “warm up” show for Nationals
-The Importance of Stage Presentation
-Allen’s Top Piece of Advice for Competitors
-What is an NPC card?

And So Much More!